Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Can there be freedom in domination?

Pop-up workshop with Nomi Lazar (Yale NUS)

Wednesday 28 September 2016, 12.30PM-2PM, Roeterseiland B2.08, University of Amterdam

The idea of the pop-up workshop is that instead of presenting finished or near finished work for discussion, participants hold a sort of structured conversation, ideally bringing to the table either comparative perspectives from different intellectual traditions or between disciplines or both. The aim is to generate new ideas, rather than fine tune established research. Each participant prepares something like a paragraph, or perhaps 5-10 minutes worth of cursory thoughts in point form in answer to the question, and the conversation can then proceed around each successive ‘node’ or cluster of thought. That way, there is very little in the way of prep time required for anyone, just brainstorming and sketchy notes

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