Freedom: Liberalism, Republicanism and Beyond

Date: 23-24 May 2017

Location: Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, Korte Spinhuissteeg 3, 1012 CG Amsterdam

This workshop is organised in honour of Quentin Skinner, the Barber Beaumont Professor of the Humanities and Co-director of The Centre for the Study of the History of Political Thought at Queen Mary, University of London. In order to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the publication of his seminal work Liberty Before Liberalism, we invite scholars to reflect on Professor Skinner’s work on the history of freedom.

Speakers include: Hilary Gatti (Sapienza University of Rome), Hannah Dawson (King’s College London), Annelien de Dijn (University of Amsterdam), Yiftah Elazar (Hebrew University), Wyger Velema (University of Amsterdam), Laurens van Apeldoorn (Leiden University), Rachel Foxley (University of Reading), Lena Halldenius (Lundt University), Martin van Gelderen (Lichtenberg-Kolleg – The Göttingen Institute for Advanced Study), Felicity Green (The University of Edinburgh), Bruno Leipold (Oxford University), Matthijs Lok (University of Amsterdam), Tim Stanton (The University of York), Christopher Hamel (University of Cambridge), Annabel Brett (University of Cambridge).

Download the full program here.